Our Olive Groves

Agouro means immature and that is what makes this olive oil an absolute specialty. Because the green organic olives are picked particularly early, cold-pressed within a few hours and processed into oil. This naturally cloudy “juice” from the olives has a particularly intense taste, is much more aromatic and slightly spicy.

Due to the natural maturing process, the olive oil becomes milder over time and loses some of its sharpness, but at the same time all the important ingredients are retained. Because Agoureleo is extremely rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the proper functioning of the human body.

First quality class – obtained directly from olives exclusively with mechanical processes.


Products that are unparalleled in terms of quality and taste! From producers we know personally and who share our passion. Who create true treasures with sustainability, organic quality and ingenious craftsmanship. And with such a treasure we begin our journey through the Greek world of pleasure: Twelve Gods organic olive oil “Agoureleo” from Crete.

Climate Conditions

The sunshine lasts almost all months of the year, with greater intensity from April to October. The warmest months are July and August, but in general summer is relatively cool due to sea breezes and the effects of annual winds. The presence of clouds is low and tends to decrease from west to east, but rainfall also increases from east to west and from the coast to the mainland.

The changes from region to region are intense. For example, in the White Mountains there is about 2 meters of precipitation and snowfall every year, while the southeastern tip of Crete has significantly less precipitation.


The Area

The limited plains of Rethymno prefecture are formed in the coastal areas and between the mountain ranges like the valley of Amari between Psiloritis and Kedros and the valley of Mylopotamos between Psiloritis and Kouloukona (1,083 m).

The area of ​​Rethymno Prefecture is mountainous, with extremely intense relief in the eastern part, where Mount Psiloritis rises with the highest peak of the Holy Cross (2,456 m).



From the unruly mountains to the radial beaches either on the north axis or much further south, this corner of Crete has the green color of the olive, the aroma of freshly baked nuts, the sound of sheep and goats walking up and down the psiloritis and the warmth of Rethymno Agritourism that promises unique experiences.
When someone is in Rethymno, maybe they understand and feel more.
But the feel of the place is like perusing its products, and perhaps that’s why it has that dynamism that few areas in the country have.