Who We Are

The company was founded with the aim of exporting products that are produced in Greece and stand out both for their quality and for their rarity.

A new era of Greek products. Valuable for their packaging as well as for the resulting combinations exclusively from organic products.

The 12 gods company is intended to cover a wide range of nutritional products, nutritional supplements, extract products, spirits and even beauty products.

12 GODS wish to open new partnerships and exports to countries where trade relations with Greece have not developed so much.

Inspired by Greek mythology and ancient Greek history,our goal is to imitate the world again in Greek philosophy and the ancient Greek way of life and nutrition. Organic Products that function as medicines by their nature,rich in properties that fight diseases and work therapeutically.

This is how we started with our first product. 12 Gods – Premium extra virgin olive oil – early harvest ( Harvest the October season ). An olive oil that the same producers choose to keep for themselves.

This Olive oil contains in larger amounts, two ingredients of great pharmaceutical interest,namely oleacein and oleocanthale.